ГУ «Централизованная библиотечная система»

Today our country needs enlightened, thinking, and therefore reading people. The role of libraries in the social and cultural life of the country is difficult to overestimate.

Our libraries fulfill their social mission of information, educational and cultural centers, play an important role in preserving the cultural heritage, spiritual and moral education of the younger generation.

The development and change of the network of city libraries of the system is greatly influenced by changes that take place in the political, economic, social sphere. Great help in this endeavor is provided by the city authorities.

Before the libraries of the Centralized Library System, the task is to raise the level of information service for users by introducing new technologies into the work of libraries-branches that provide free access to information to Internet resources.

The "Strategic plan for the formation and development of information infrastructure in libraries of the city system for 2011-2015" was developed and prepared.


Regularly conducted a consultation on the topic "Computer literacy" and help users of computer classes.

The work of the CD - hall, computer classes was activated. Increased the number of users of Internet resources, funds on electronic media.

Computer classes operate at the mass libraries №. 5, №. 15; № 14; At children's library №3; And the Central Children's and Youth Library and all of them are connected to the Internet.

. Widely used such forms of work with users - Days of computer literacy, School of Information Culture.



on the work carried out by the libraries of the Centralized Library System of the city of Astana

with minors in the summer holidays

In accordance with the decree of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 132-p dated May 18, 2006 "On the organization of recreation, health improvement and employment of children and adolescents during the summer holidays for 2011-2012", the city libraries carried out a certain work in summer vacation time.

Our libraries are increasingly becoming one of the "grounds for the prevention of neglect", because it is dictated by its status - openness and accessibility for different social strata of the population, including for children from disadvantaged families and "risk group" families.


Especially relevant is the preventive activity in the summer, this is due to the fact that it is during the summer period that the educational influence on the child is significantly weakened or the educational effect is no longer valid.


Working on specialization, on the experimental development of the topics "Library - the center of a healthy lifestyle" - the mass library number 5; "Library - Business and Information Center for Youth Adaptation" - Central City Library, library specialists consider priority in this area -



organization of a psychologically comfortable space for children from disadvantaged families


rendering assistance (moral, psychological, etc.) to minors in a difficult life situation;


• organization of leisure activities;


• Involving parents in solving problems of children;


• Attracting public attention to the problems of social orphanhood and neglect.

The library workers tried to make the summer holidays for children and teenagers systemic and exciting: they diversified the leisure time of children during the summer holidays, acquainted the children with the works of the best writers of Kazakhstan and foreign countries, reminded them of the need to preserve nature, and raised the interest of the children to the heroic past.

. Trainings and talks on family psychological topics were held, consultations were given and psychological help was provided to children and adolescents who found themselves in a difficult life situation.

The most interesting are: exhibitions and reviews devoted to the prevention of various kinds of dependencies: "It's worth thinking about"; "About bad habits."


Conversations - reviews on active recreation, sports - "Good hand skills"; "Read, think, do."

All summer the showcases of the mass library No. 5 were decorated with giant dolls demonstrating their love for books - "Read, Capital!". Workers of the library were invited to the "book kingdom", where they acquainted with the novelties of literature, gave the opportunity to show ingenuity and ingenuity or simply to play good cognitive games.


Days of youth career guidance "Journey to the world of professions" were held in the mass libraries No. 12, No. 14, No. 15.

For a number of years already, the children of the Children's Library No. 3 have been working closely with the Center for Temporary Isolation, Adaptation and Rehabilitation of Minors (CIAR), and the workers of the Mass Library No. 8 together with the children's shelter for minors.

To effectively implement the preventive potential of all forms of work in the summer period, a plan was developed - "Summer is the time of finding, not losses," by these libraries.


This work plan includes all forms of library work popular among children - theatrical performances of the puppet mini-theater, games-reviews, literary trips, participation in contests, quizzes.


So, for example, the literary journey "Visiting a fairy tale" was interesting; A festival of flowers "The Wreath of June". Evening - rest "Extraordinary tea evening" and other events in the classrooms of summer camps - "Arman" (Alekseyevka); Camp "Batyr" (Yermentau), where the underage children from the orphanage went.

The workers of the mass library No. 8 fruitfully spent several joint days with the orphanage children.


For the children of the CVIAR, the workers of the Children's Library No. 3 organized a trip through the fairy tales "A Beautiful Land of Wonders and Magic"; Lesson of the right "Grow baby, happy!".


Educators, teachers working with minors in the shelter, the CIAR have long and truly appreciated the help of libraries and have been cooperating for many years.

The purpose of the whole work is to create such a space in the library, which allows minors to reduce their stay on the street unattended, receive psychological and social assistance, and raise the cultural level.

The plan provides for the main strategic directions, goals and objectives of libraries for a three-year period in conjunction with the budgetary limits allocated to it. A set of interrelated organizational, economic, social, environmental, financial and technical measures aimed at achieving the set goals and objectives is established.

To ensure the correct and stable development of the library network, the "Long-term budget planning project" of the city's city libraries for 2011-2015 was also prepared. "

Active introduction of new technologies opens new ways, prospects for increasing the efficiency of library work, and expands the field of activity of city libraries.

The main task is to create conditions for free, free access of the population to information resources, increase computer literacy among a wide range of users

For the convenience of users, all libraries have a free Internet connection.This allows the population, readers, using the Internet, to access the official websites of the government of the RK and get answers to the questions of interest.

Today the computer park of the Centralized Library System is 133 computers; Video projectors 4 pcs .; Copiers A3 1 piece; Printers A4 black and white 22 pcs .; A4 color printers 4 pcs .; Multifunction devices (MFPs) 27 pcs .; Scanners 17 pcs. In 17 libraries there is an access to the Internet.

Computer classes operate with mass libraries No.5; No. 15; At children's libraries No.3; No. 5, the Central City Library and the Central Children's and Youth Library.